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Celebrations of ITEC Day 2015

Posted on: October 15, 2015 | Back | Print

The Embassy of India in Minsk celebrated Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Day 2015 on October 15, 2015 at Embassy premises. 
Over 90 guests which included ITEC alumni from Belarus, few Indian students in Minsk, and guests from Belarusian State University attended the event. Some Belarusian ITEC alumni made presentations in the form of speech, short movies and photographs on their study/visit to India, recollecting their experiences in India. Those who made presentations included Prof. Viktor Alefirenko and Professor Valentin Baranov, the oldest ITEC alumni (attended ITEC programme in the year 1994), currently associated with the Belarusian State University. Ms. Volha Smarshkova, currently attending the programme on “Proficiency in English Communciation & Web Designing” under ITEC in New Delhi also shared her experience with the invited guests through Skype. Mr. Andrei Miciura, Attache in South-Asia Desk, represented Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus at the event. The event was concluded by offering an Indian dinner to the guests. 
The evening began with a welcome of Ambassador Mr. Pankaj Saxena, who assumed office a couple of days ago. Ambassador Saxena welcomed the guests and highlighted important aspects of the ITEC programme. 
Belarus is one of the ITEC partner countries and the progress of ITEC Programme in Belarus is very encouraging. Since 1993, Belarusian nationals have been participating in various courses under the ITEC programme. Over 260 experts and specialists from Belarus have benefitted from ITEC programme. A few Belarusian ITEC alumni occupy responsible positions in the government departments/institutions. The number of ITEC slots being allotted to Belarus during 2015-16 is 40.