About Us Indian Community in Belarus

Indian Community in Belarus

Indian diaspora in Belarus is limited. There are 78 Indian nationals residing in Belarus. This includes businessmen, representatives of Indian pharmaceutical companies and other Indians.  In addition, currently 611 students from India are studying in four medical colleges in Belarus.

At the initiative of the Embassy, the Indian Community in Minsk has formed an association “Indian Society, Belarus” with the aim to bring together the small community. All Indians living in Belarus are being encouraged to become a member of the society (e-mail: indiansocietyminsk@gmail.com).

Despite the small Indian diaspora, there are a large number of devotees following various Indian spiritual sects. The “Hare Krishna” temple (located in a house) in Minsk has nearly 3,000 members.  “Art of Living” is practiced by over 500 people.  “Brahma Kumaris” and Aiyangar yoga schools have additional followers.