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Belarus carries the legacy of the Indo-USSR cultural relations. Indian films, dance and music are quite popular in Belarus. Many young Belarusians have keen interest in learning Hindi and also classical dances of India. ICCR offers every year some scholarships to Belarusian students to train them in various performing arts schools and institutions in India. The Indo-Belarus Friendship Society has many eminent Belarusians from different walks of the society. The Belarusian National University is interested in an ICCR sponsored Hindi Professor. Belarus is keen in having institutionalized arrangements for exchange of sports teams. Belarus has also shown interest in establishing cooperation in joint production of feature films involving Indian and Belarusian artists. A Belarusian Sanskrit scholar Prof. Mikhail Mikhailov wrote a book “Key to Vedas” in Russian which has also been translated into English. Another Belarusian Indophile, late Ms. Taisa Bondar had translated Saint Kabir’s verses in Russian language. In July 2016, a book 'First Mandala' of 'Rigveda' translated from Sanskrit into Belarusian language by Belarusian writer and poet Igar Kulikov was released.   

With a view to encourage and promote cultural affinities, a local teacher is running classes for Indian classical and modern dances in the chancery. Similarly, Yoga classes are also being held at the Chancery. Indian cultural shows are organized by the Embassy in various towns of Belarus with the assistance of local Indian dance/cultural groups being run by ICCR scholarship alumni. A cultural troupe, which was sponsored by ICCR under a programme ‘Namaste Belarus’, led by the well- known  Santoor player Pandit Bhajan Sopori visited Belarus on 9-12th March, 2015. They presented performances  in Minsk and in Vitebsk, Belarus. A bust of Mahatma Gandhi was unveiled by President of India on 3rd June 2015 in Belarusian State University.  A 10-member Kalarippayattu group named "Kadathanad Kalari Sangam" led by Shri Mukundan Theruvath, visited Belarus from 22-26 September, 2018.  They presented their performances in Minsk and Maladechna.

An ICCR-sponsored cultural troupe KALBELIA, visited Belarus on August 29-31 2016. The Embassy, in association with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, organized performances in Minsk on August 30 and Maladechna on August 31.  Both the performances were well received by audience.

The 5th International Day of Yoga (IDY) was celebrated in Minsk on 22 June, 2019. Around 300-400 Yoga practitioners, representing various age-groups and nationalities, enthusiastically participated in the event. 

There has been ongoing educational links from the Soviet days. Currently, there are 611 students from India studying in various Universities and Institutions in Belarus mostly in medicine and engineering. There could be increased possibilities in this regard by establishing institutional arrangements between the educational institutions. Belarus is a beneficiary of India’s ITEC programme with 15 slots for short-term training courses for 2019-20. Over 311 experts and specialists from Belarus have benefited from ITEC programme in diverse areas such as Information Technology, Management, Administration, Banking & Finance, Education & Human Resource Development, English Language, Journalism, Diplomacy, Entrepreneurship, Water Resource Development, Internet Security, Crime Management, Legislative drafting for foreign parliamentary and Government officials etc.

Belarus has an Honorary Consulate in Kolkata opened in December 2002. Currently, Shri Sitaram Sharma is the Honorary Consul of Belarus.