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As per International Civil Aviation Organization's regulations hand written Passports or any other travel document (except Emergency Certificate) are not valid for international travel from 25 November, 2015. 
For Passport enquiries call +375-17-2375076
To apply for passport services please visit https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in
Applications for Passport and consular services can be made at the Consular Section of the Embassy, which is open from 09:30 hours to 12:00 hours on all working days. Fees for passport services are accepted at the Embassy in cash in US dollars. Application forms and suggested formats for affidavits etc. can be downloaded from this page or obtained from the Consular counter at the Embassy. For any clarification or further information, please call or e-mail as per information in About us.
New Passport on Final Expiry
The application for a new passport may be made before one year of the final expiry date of the existing passport.
The following documents are required by the Embassy to process the application:
Duly filled in Indian Passport Application Form. 
  • Four (4) recent colour photographs (front view against light background). It may be noted the photograph should be SQUARE of size 4cm X 4cm and signature of size 1.5cm X 4.5cm, strictly as per requirements mentioned in the annexed PDF file. This file shows the samples of photographs, which may be accepted for issue of Passport.
  • Current passport in original (photocopies alone will not be acceptable)
  • Copy of Residence Permit/Work Visa
  • In case of change in address, documentary proof (copy of electricity bill, telephone bill, allotment letter, etc) may be enclosed
  • In case of addition/deletion of spouse name, copy of relevant document may be enclosed
Prescribed Fee
Fee: USD 75 for 36 page passport or USD 100 for 60 page jumbo passport 
Time Taken: Except the Indian Passports, which require to be issued by the Embassy in case of
                      emergency (i.e. lost/stolen/damaged), all passports are now being printed in India.  It
                      takes about thirty days for issue of a passport, if everything is found to be in order with
                      the application form, photo, etc., by the authorities in India. In case a reference is to be
                      made to the original Passport Issuing Authority, it might take longer time.
The applicants are advised to contact the Embassy 30 days after submitting their application forms to know   the status of their new passport.
Additional booklet for existing valid passports
This service is no more available.  Government of India has stopped the practice of issuing Additional Booklets on existing Indian Passports. If all the pages of the existing passport have been used up, a new Passport may be applied for, as per the required procedure.
Duplicate Passport in lieu of lost/damaged passport
If the Passport is lost, the matter should immediately be reported to the local police authorities and a proper police report, regarding loss of Passport, may be obtained. 
In the normal circumstances when a temporary visitor loses Indian Passport, an ‘Emergency Certificate’ is issued to him/her which is valid for return to India.   Emergency Certificate issued to an Indian national by the Embassy does not validate travel to any other country.
In case of extreme emergencies, a Short Validity Passport may also be issued to the Indian nationals. A Short Validity Passport is issued for a period of six months only in the cases when the Embassy finds it necessary to issue such Short Validity Passports.  Applicants may please note that such Short Validity Passports cannot be renewed.
Documents required for issue of a duplicate passport or an Emergency Certificate:
Application Form (Form 3) for issue of duplicate passport (same as for new passport)
Four passport-size recent colour photographs
Photocopy of the lost/stolen/damaged Indian passport (if available)
Police Complaint Report in case of loss or theft
A statement by the applicant explaining circumstances in which passport was lost/stolen/damaged
Affidavit signed by applicant stating that he/she has neither acquired nor applied for any other country's nationality/citizenship
The application should be supported by any other document issued to the applicant in India - driving Licence, ration card, voters Identity Card, etc.
Prescribed Fee
Fee: USD 15/- for Emergency Certificate and USD 150/- for the duplicate passport (36 pages) or USD 175/- (60 pages)
Time taken: Next working day for the Emergency Certificate / Short Validity Passport.
                    (For duplicate passport with full validity: As applicable for new passport)
Passports for Minors (< 18 years)
Original and photocopy of the Birth Certificate issued by the hospital/commune parents' passports in original and copies, application form (Form 1), duly filled in and signed, four recent passport size photographs, marriage certificate(if the name of the spouse is not endorsed on the respective passport). 
Fee: USD 50 for 5 year validity passport of 36 pages.
Please ensure that column No.28 on page No.6 of the application form (declaration of parents/guardian if applicant is minor) is duly filled in and signed by both the parents.
Passports for Children of Indian origin born in Belarus
Children's name cannot be entered on their parent's passport any more. For a child to be given an Indian passport his/her birth must have been registered on the MHA website http:////www.indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in/ic_form_public.aspx. The birth of the baby shall also be registered with the Embassy within one year.
To apply for issue of a new passport to a child you must fill out: 

Application form (Form 1) duly filled and signed to be submitted by either of the parents along with 4 photos of infants with eyes open, photocopy of the passports of the parents, photocopy of the child's birth certificate issued by hospital (along with original), application for registration of birth and an affidavit signed by both the parents and the 
Fee: USD 50 for a 36 page passport of 5 year validity 
        USD 20 for registration of birth
        USD 10 for attestation of affidavit

If the parents of the child fail to get the registration of the child done at the Embassy and thus not obtain his/her Birth Certificate from the Embassy within the first year of the child’s birth, the process to obtain an Indian Passport and Indian Birth Certificate for the child is subject to a different procedure. The Embassy needs to refer the matter to the authorities in India to get clearance as to whether the Embassy can issue the Birth Certificate to the child and the application for child’s Indian Passport can only be processed further when the child has got a Birth Certificate from the Embassy.
Note: All Indian nationals living in Belarus are requested to register themselves with the Indian   Embassy as per the registration form available here.
Note: The following officer can be contacted any time in case of any consular problems faced by Indian nationals living in Belarus:
Mr. Kuldeep Kumar
Attache (Consular)
Tel: 80-17-2375034| (office)
E-mail: cons.minsk@mea.gov.in; hoc.minsk@mea.gov.in